Our Interview With Dr. Oz


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  1. Lynn Becker says:

    I loved the interview! My husband and I have attended Dr.
    Nemeh’s healing services and have had appointments with him through
    his practice and have received multiple healings, along with others
    that we have brought with us. If you are in need of a physical,
    spiritual or mental healing, I highly recommend attending a healing

    1. joy loyd says:

      I have a neice that has had breast cancer surgery but now there is something that has shown up in her thyroid. Is there a chance you could help her. We are so worried about her.

    2. Jutta Martinez says:

      I had seen Dr.Oz show today and I was looking for a address or e-mail from Dr.Nemeh. Since you had seen him allready I am hopping you could help me,
      Thank you in advance.

  2. Shannon Ives says:

    I have been a Trapper Jack follower for many years and have been intrigued when Trapper talked about Dr. Nemeh. (I even bought Ashley Nemeh’s CD after listening to her songs on WDOK). Today, while off school on a snow day, I happened to turn on the t.v. while folding laundry. Dr. Oz’s show happened to be on. When I heard what it was going to be about, I put the laundry down and totally tuned in. I was so interested and so disappointed when it ended after the quick half hour. I would absolutely love to go see one of Dr. Nemeh’s healing sessions. I am going to attempt to do so. Thank you, Trapper, for keeping me enlightened and entertained through the years.

  3. James Rubey says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your vulnurable interview.

  4. ProphetessD.Tarven says:

    The DR. needed to explain in detail concering healing using scriptures, he does not have powers himself it is only from GOD.
    Reference scriptures, Acts2:1to4, Acts2:16to19, John13;35,
    John14:10&12, James5:14t015 and Isiah53:5.
    Reference ( King James Life Application by Tyndale)

  5. annittah freeman says:

    DR.Oz,thanks alot for inviting Dr nemeh.
    please,can i have his e-mail address and website.
    Thanks alot and God bless you.
    You’ve really been a great blessing to my family.
    My three year old knows the timeyou come on T.V and he’s always ready to watch you.He told me one day that he had to drink more milk because Dr.Oz said if you don’t drink milk you break your bones.He has stopped eating candy too.

  6. James Rubey says:

    What an inspirational show. I found Dr. Nemeh website and which includes information where he will be traveling for prayer sessions and prayer requests.


    Here is the show so you can watch it online. I am guessing it may take several days to have it avaliable on the website, as it doen’t work on my computer just yet.


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