Back 2 School: Is Your Child Being Bullied?

For a large number of children, the start of a new school year brings the fear of being bullied.  Bullying can take on a number of forms, but the most prevalent is in-school bullying.  But how do you know if your child is being bullied if they are scared to talk to you about it? gives several prime indicators that your student may be encountering bullying at school.  If you witness any of these signs with your child, it may be time to sit down and have a talk with them and also consider speaking to their teachers and school counselors.  Here are three signs of potential bullying:

  • Try to avoid going to school, riding the school bus, or walking to and from school
  • Show signs of depression, anxiety and low self-esteem
  • Come back from school with bruises, torn clothing or damaged personal belongings such as books or backpacks

To quickly familiarize yourself with the school bullying epidemic, click here to take a quick but illuminating quiz.


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