Happy Dyngus Day! Here’s The History & Places To Celebrate

Today is Easter Monday and it’s officially the best day to be an American of Polish descent. In cities all around the U.S., including Cleveland, Dyngus Day celebrations are being held. Dyngus is a post-Easter tradition that unites Polish Americans and enables them to celebrate their heritage. Originally, Dyngus was created in order to rejoice at the completion of the restrictive practices required of Lent as well as the hope that the spring season brings.

Dyngus traces its roots back to 966 A.D. when Prince Mieszko I, who introduced Christianity to Poland, was baptized. Centuries later, his baptism was commemorated through a unique tradition in which boys sprinkled girls with water and tapped them with a pussy willow branch on Easter Monday. The following Tuesday, girls were expected to perform the same action to the boys. (In fact, legend has it that this tradition helps men and women find their true love.) Dyngus Day celebrations in the U.S. began in Buffalo, NY in the 1960s.

Interested in celebrating Dyngus Day? Here’s a few locations to celebrate the day.

Celebrate Here:

  • Redd Stone: 2-4pm
  • The Parkview: 6-8pm
  • The Happy Dog: 9-11pm

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