Look To The Latest Hot TV And Movies For The Most Popular Baby Names

It used to be that the Jen’s, Jim’s, and Heather’s that ruled the most popular names list, but now it’s names that will sound familair to you if you are a Hunger Games fan, or an avid watcher of  The Office. 

Names like Rue, Ivy, and Adele are surging their way to  the top of the list.  Also trending is Emmett and the -ett boys Think of -ett as the newest “it” ending for boys’ names. Emmett is the hottest of them all, partially thanks to Twilight‘s Emmett Cullen.

Weston, Wesley and West make the top of  the list, but Weston the choice of The Office’s Star Emma Fischer for her baby boy, is the most popular of these -es names.

Music of course rules with the name sake of Beyonce’s newborn Ivy and Adele the hottest singer of them all soaring to the top of mom’s list. Just think, wouldn’t it be cool to say that your parents named you after a singer who wrote the greatest break-up album of all time?

And let’s not the forget the influence of  The Hunger Games craze. The names Cato and Rue, rule tight now with expectant parents.


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