Has Oreo Gone Too Far?

Oreos and milk, a snack time classic. Dunking Oreo cookies in a warm glass of milk? No problem. But dunking them in a warm glass of boob?

The ad debuted this month in South Korea with the tagline “Milk’s favorite cookie”. In the print spot, a nursing baby holds an Oreo cookie. Titled “Oreo Basic Instinct”, the ad was created by the South Korean branch of Cheil Worldwide, one of the globe’s biggest ad firms.

Click the link to view the picture, Jen just won’t let me post it!!

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  • http://Oreoadhasgonetoofar Carol

    The oreo ad has gone too far – nothing is private anymore

  • Lynnz

    Nooooooo – that ad is not offensive! It is just a boob for God’s sake!!

  • S Webb

    Absolutly nothing offensive about this ad. Jen needs to realize that the more we see of this type of ad, the less squeamish we will become as a country.

  • Linda Detmayer

    Regarding the Oreo ad with a baby and mother’s breast, you reacted just as Oreo has hoped – how many times have you said the word “Oreo” and put that vision in your listeners’ minds? The ad appears to be effective. ;-)

  • Katie

    I think it’s cute!

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