Cedar Point Removing Coaster/Expanding Plaza

Big news out of Sandusky this morning as “the roller coaster capital of the world” will be removing one of it’s coasters! The move comes as Cedar Point makes plans to expand it’s “Celebration Plaza” to make way for a new nighttime spectacular.

The press release reads in part:

Cedar Point has announced that it is expanding its new Celebration Plaza. As a part of that expansion, Cedar Point will be removing the WildCat roller coaster. 

WildCat was coming to the end of its useful life. With the desired expansion to Celebration Plaza, coupled with the low ridership and increased maintenance costs, Cedar Point has decided to accelerate the removal of the ride. WildCat will be removed from the park prior to Opening Day and the materials will be sent to a recycling facility.

Read the rest at CedarPoint.com

Check out the video from my first trip to Cedar Point in June of 2010 when I was the night DJ at Q104.


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