POTUS Knows Pop Culture

The leader of the free world knows a thing or two about super heroes. And tabloids.

President Obama got a pop quiz on pop culture and passed with flying colors. While he wasn’t too versed on “Fifty Shades of Grey”, can we blame him for not having time to read an erotic novel targeted towards his bride instead?

He knew Kim Kardashian was married to Kris Humphries – but that might be because he loves sports so passionately.

He didn’t know about Jessica Simpson’s baby delivery (she had a girl in early May), but he had seen “The Avengers” recently. (Wonder what kind of treats he eats in a theater)?

I’m pretty much okay with our POTUS not acing the pop culture test. And I’m impressed he knew as much as he did. Although, to be fair, he is surrounded by women.

And we know everything.

I’m kidding.

I have no clue where I left my keys…



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