Items You Don’t Really Need For Back To School

The start of a new school year is approaching. It’s time to load up your shopping carts with school supplies.

According to Huntington Bank’s 2012 Huntington Backpack Index, “the average annual cost for school supplies for an elementary school student is $548, while sending the average high schooler back to school can cost more than a thousand dollars.”

Since you spend so much money on school supplies, are you wondering if there are any items on your child’s back to school list that they don’t need? You are in luck. What items does your child not need?

1.) Oversized or mechanical pencils

2.) Pencil sharpeners

3.) Dry-erase markers and erasers

4.) Dorm-room phone

5.) Paper dictionary or thesaurus

6.) Cash

7.) Credit cards

I’m a senior in college and as I’m writing this I’m wondering where this list was when I was shopping for school. This list unfortunately came a little late for me since I already bought my school supplies for my final year.

Are there other school supplies that should be added to this list?

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