49 Things You Learned In School That Are Now Useless

Do you remember what you learned while you were in school such as writing in cursive, making a shoe box diorama or even how to climb a rope? Well, it seems that all those things you learned in school are not being taught anymore. Feel old yet? So, what exactly are some of those things?

1. How to write in cursive
2. How to drop an egg from a five-story building without breaking it
3. How to climb a rope
4. How to play Hot Cross Buns on the recorder
5. How to make the most amazing erupting volcano
6. How to find a book using the card catalog system
7. How to use long division
8. Memorizing the periodic table of elements
9. How to forge a river on the Oregon Trail
10. Memorizing the preamble to the U.S. Constitution

Don’t worry, there is more. Check out the other 39 topics here!

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