Facebook Makes Couples A “Couple Page” Without Permission

As if Facebook couldn’t get creepy enough, the popular social media website has definitely taken the form of “stalking” to a new level. For those of you in couples, Facebook is now pleased to announce that you have your own couples page. Yup, it’s just a little something Facebook thought would be really nice to do for couples but instead, it seems a bit too much. If you and your significant other go to your couples page at facebook.com/us you can see everything from your shared interests, mutual friends, events you both attended, pictures of the two of you together and so much more. The best part is that you can’t get rid of it and Facebook did it without your permission so you’re basically stuck with it until they decide to find a new and improved way to get more involved with your Facebook life. Privacy is so 2011. But then again, if the new couple page makes you feel uncomfortable about the privacy issues and personal space, you can always try to delete your account.

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