Kory’s Remembers Christmas Traditions From His Childhood & Photos Of His Christmas Decor!

Growing up, we had a tradition, we put up our Christmas decorations, as a family, the day after Thanksgiving. They come down on New Years Day. That was Mom’s rule, and it was law in our household.

I still have memories of one day after Thanksgiving. My Mom was at work and I was at home. I got bored, and thought, “I’ll help Mom out and put the tree up!” Yeah, BIG mistake! She came home, and let’s just say, there was no Christmas spirit in that house for a few hours.

But, now that I am on my own, I make the rules! It’s my first year on the air for Christmas 102, I knew it was going to be a big year for Christmas. Add to that the fact that I have almost tripled my living space in the last year. Last year I was living in a small one bedroom apartment on the Gold Coast of Lakewood. The year before it was a tiny (and I mean, really tiny) studio apartment in Downtown Cleveland. When you have a small space, there isn’t much planning needed to make your place look festive.

Fast forward to this holiday season and I am living in a very large two bedroom double in Lakewood. I have a huge living room, massive dining room, two good sized bedrooms, a bathroom and a large kitchen. I just finished furnishing the house, now it is time to decorate!

My 30th birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year, and my Mother is coming up from Florida on Friday. My party is Saturday, next Wednesday I leave for New York City for a few days, I mean, there is NO time to decorate. So, I made the decision to have my decorations done by the time my Mom arrives on, ‘the day after Thanksgiving,’ after all, we don’t want Mom mad!

Yesterday I set out to get my decorating finished, while blasting Christmas 102 of course, and here is how it turned out!

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