Jennifer Lawrence Is’s “World’s Most Desirble Woman”

According to a poll released by, Jennifer Lawrence is the “World’s Most Desirable Woman” followed by actress Mila Kunis in second and model Kate Upton in third. Lawrence rose to the top of the list from No. 47 last year from her role as heroine Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games while sealing her credibility as a quirky, sex-mad young widow in the independent film Silver Linings Playbook. AskMen editor in chief James Bassil said “Overall, there’s a sense that she’s a little more authentic than other actors,” adding that the public still knows too little about the 22-year-old actress to form a negative opinion. “She’s fresh because we haven’t seen her all over the gossip pages for the past three or four years”. Jennifer’s real breakout role was playing Ree in 2010’s Winter’s Bone for which she was nominated for an Oscar and Rolling Stone praised Jennifer by naming her “the most talented young actress in America”.

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