Top Ten Careers With The Highest And Lowest Job Satisfaction Ratings

Have you ever wondered which jobs make the people the happiest and which ones well…don’t? Are you curious if your job made one of the lists? Well, according to a study conducted by, singers and municipal firefighters were at the top of the “Most Satisfied” list. Singers have a 97.0 score of happiness and firefighters have a 90.0. On the other list, mail clerks and mail machine operators scored a low 25.0 followed by program directors and municipal clerks with a 30 score.

Top Ten Careers With The Highest Job Satisfaction Ratings

  1. Singers 91.7
  2. Municipal Fire Fighters 90.0
  3. Aircraft Assemblers 83.3
  4. Pediatricians 80.0
  5. College Professors – Communications 79.2
  6. Educational, Vocational & School Counselors
  7. Managers/Supervisors of Animal Husbandry & Animal Care Workers 78.6
  8. Criminal Investigators & Special Agents 77.5
  9. College Professors – Others 77.3
  10. Therapists 77.1

Top Ten Careers With The Lowest Job Satisfaction Ratings

  1. Mail Clerks & Mail Machine Operators (except postal service) 25.0
  2. Program Directors 30.0
  3. Municipal Clerks 30.0
  4. Food Preparation & Serving Workers 31.6
  5. Maids & Housekeeping Cleaners 31.7
  6. Insurance Policy Processing Clerks 33.3
  7. Hotel, Motel & Resort Desk Clerks 34.4
  8. Food Preparation & Serving Workers (including fast food) 34.4
  9. Telemarketers 34.4
  10. Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisors 35.0
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