Top Six Ways You Can Get Injured During The Holidays

It’s hard to imagine finding yourself in an emergency room on Christmas Eve because you slipped on a piece of black ice and injured yourself badly or because you were shovelling snow and pulled something in your back. Either way, it’s not uncommon for people to injure themselves around the holidays and the American Osteopathic Association’s new survey proves just that. According to the new survey, nine out of ten Americans over the age of 45 can name at least one holiday or winter activity that causes them physical pain. Here are some of the things that people said causes them pain around the holidays:

  • Slipping and falling on icy ground (80%)
  • Shoveling Snow (50%)
  • Dealing with cold weather (40%)
  • Exercising or participating in winter sports (31%)
  • Shopping (14%)
  • Traveling (14%)
  • Wrapping presents (7%)
  • Other activities (2%)

The survey also found that 45% of women and 39% of men who hurt themselves during the holidays will ignore the pain until after Christmas. In fact, they’re so reluctant to see a doctor that they’d rather do these holidays chores than go:

  • Take down holiday decorations (55%)
  • Shovel snow alone for 60 minutes (44%)
  • Wait in line to exchange or return presents (33%)
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