Angelina Jolie Gets Double Mastectomy, Would You?

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Angelina Jolie had a double mastectomy to reduce her risk of breast cancer. Angelina’s Mom had breast cancer, and Angelina carried the gene that increased her chance of getting breast cancer to 87%, by removing her breasts, she has reduced the risk to about 5%.

Here’s my take on this: My mom had breast cancer. If there was a high probability that I would get breast cancer I too would have no problem having a double mastectomy.  They’re only boobs.  I’ve seen posts from women and the vast majority all feel the same way, however, there were a few posts I’ve seen from men saying such things as “Poor Brad”, “Terrible”, “Horrible” one man did say “Breasts don’t make the woman”  that comment was nice to see.  What’s your take? What would you do?

Read Angelina’s story here

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