Don’t Let Advertisers Get You!

It seems the folks on Madison Ave have been in our heads for years, and we don’t even realize it. There are a bunch of things that we think we need, but we really dont!

1. Engagement Rings – That’s right! Don’t tell your hubby but that was a little trick started by De Beers in 1938. Before then I guess it was just your standard cattle barder?

2. Santa Clause – You can thank Coca Cola for this one. They wanted a jolly St. Nick like the one from the poem “A Visit From St. Nicholas.” Not the creepy elf looking version.

3. Soap – Take that mom! America’s obsession with soap comes from an ad campaign with tags like “What do the neighbors think of her children?” (creepy right!?). If you notice most of Europes isn’t nearly obsessed with hygiene and soap like we are.

There’s always this one that makes me want to drink beer. I think?


Source: Huff Post

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