Now You Can Travoltify Your Name Too!

If you have dreams of being a celeb on the red carpet with BOTH Academy AND Tony Award winning talent (kinda like Adele Dazeem, er, uh, Idina Menzel) and have your name thoroughly mispronounced by Hollywood star John Travolta, you are in luck.

Now, we can’t give you the awards, the amazing dresses, makeup, red carpet or the incredible talent, but, we can give you a Travolta worthy moment of not only mispronouncing your name, but giving you a completely new one. Get ready to be Travoltified.

As usual with these kind of things, I like to make sure EVERYONE at the station gets Travoltified, starting with Jen And Tim In The Morning… 

Jen Toohey’s name would be announced as “Jon Thompseen.”  Tim Richards? Tom Reegers.” (Seriously. I am laughing so hard right now.) Dave Ramos’ introduction would be as “Dean Ramso,” and Jen Weisfeld? “John Wazeems.”

Our lovely midday’s lady Desiray Cross’ Travolta intro would be as “Danielle Coirk.” Our Afternoon drive guy Jeremiah, “Jennifer Walger.” Me? Jaci Fox Travoltified is “Julian Florzes.”

How would John Travolta introduce you?

“Please welcome, the wickedly talented, the one and only (discover your Travoltified Name HERE)”


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