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Complaints From Retail Workers. Are You Guilty Of Any Of These?The Holidays are just around the corner and stores are getting busy. If you take your kids with you when shopping - please watch them!
The BEST High School Homecoming Assembly EVER!This is the best school assembly I have ever seen.
Reverse Raffle To Help Those Battling AddictionOdds are you probably know someone who has battled or is battling addiction.
With Pumpkin "Everything" Don't Forget About The Dog Treats! Easy To Make...My dogs love when I make pumpkin biscuits for them and your dogs will love them too! Give it a try, they're super easy to make.
IKEA Launches Furniture Just For PetsWe need this to come to the Cleveland area! The new Lurvig collection, which means "hairy" in Swedish,
Groom Jumps Into A Pond To Save BoyAfter exchanging vows the Bride and Groom headed outdoors to take some picturesque photos. Their photo session ended early when the Groom jumped into a pond to save a boy!
Get A Jump On Holiday Shopping And Help The Children's Center Of Medina CountyIf you're looking to get a jump on your Holiday shopping, here's the perfect opportunity. Not only will you find lovely, unique items, you'll also be helping children in need.
Want To Stay Out Of Jail? Here's How ;)If you watch COPS or LIVE PD, I'm sure you've seen someone get caught with drugs and they claim the drugs don't belong to them - it's not their car; they're wearing their cousin's pants; etc.
Even If You Can't Adopt A Pet In Need, You Can Still Help!So many animals are in need of homes, healthcare, and love. If you're looking to add a pet to your home please know it's for the lifetime of the pet - pets are NOT disposable.
Do Your Parents Hate Your Kid's Name?Study shows that 1 in 5 grandparents hate what you named your kid! One of my nieces has a 'nickname' for my parents (her grandparents) unbeknownst to my niece, my parents hate the nicknames - I find it hysterical ;) they should have mentioned it years ago and now it's too late.

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December 8, 2017
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