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Born and raised in Cleveland – Desiray attended Tri-C Western Campus with the intention of becoming an English teacher, but soon after she landed a job with the City of Cleveland taking her in another direction. After getting married and having two daughters Des became a “stay at home mom” but divorce threw her back into the workforce.

Raising two daughters on a waitress salary wasn’t cutting it. Des entered a contest to join a local radio morning show and won the job. Twenty-One years later Des continues her path as a successful radio personality while sharing her passion for good food and fun.

Des is married to Alan and together they argue over which one is going to teach their son Thomas to drive. Yep – it’s that time. The house is full of pets too – 3 dogs and a cat.

In her spare time Des loves to whip up some crazy food creations, visits the Cleveland Museum of Art, Natural History Museum, Gordon Square, Little Italy…you name it, if it’s cool and in Cleveland, Des is probably there.

Sushi/Photo by Des/CBS Radio

Blake Shelton Never Had Sushi…Jimmy Fallon Makes Sure He Does!

Sushi may be a required taste for some, I personally like it. My son was a great sport and tried everything – even eel! Blake Shelton

4 hours ago

Johnny Depp (Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Johnny Depp Has A New Look

I like Johnny’s new look, he looks younger, and clean!

4 hours ago

(Photo by Frank Polich/Getty Images)

His EX Best-Man And His EX-Fiance Start Dating, “Friend” Wants His Wii Back, Okay…

Some relationships don’t work out, and when they don’t that doesn’t mean your best man should move in on your ex-fiance. If your ex-best man does move in

5 hours ago

(Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Family Rips Up Floorboards To Save Orphaned Critters

The little critters were left orphaned after the family dog killed the mother.

6 hours ago


Don’t Let The Cicadas Bother You, Eat Them! Here Are Some “Delicious” Recipes

Admittedly this is one recipe I am not going to make, nor will I eat it. If you’re adventurous you just may want to try these Cicada Recipes. Cicadas are a low-carb, gluten free food.


Photo by Des/CBS Radio

Crazy Hair Day Winning Designs

When my kids had “crazy hair day” at school, I would put a bunch of pony tails all over their head – that’s about as clever as I got. Look at this, looks easy to do and how clever!


(Photo credit  ULI DECK/AFP/Getty Images)

Hey Guys, Want To Impress Your Boss? It’s All In The Beard :)

Oh sure, another one for the guys. If you want to look dominate, aggressive, and seasoned, grow a beard. But dang it, if a woman has a beard we’re ridiculed😉


(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

We Better Start Growing Our Own Food, There’s Yet Another, Food Recall!

SunOpta, a Minnesota-based company are under a voluntary recall in at least 24 states, the products include Planters and Sunrich Naturals sunflower kernels


BROOKFIELD, IL - SEPTEMBER 18:  A three-month-old snow leopard cub is watched over by his mother as he prepares to make his public debut at the Brookfield Zoo on September 18, 2013 in Brookfield, Illinois. The cub was born on June 13 to his mother Sarani who is on breeding loan from Tautphaus Park Zoo in Idaho Falls Idaho and her mate Sabu who is on breeding loan from Cape May county Park Zoo in New Jersey. There are an estimated 3,500 to 7,000 of the endangered leopards remaining in the wild.  (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Snow Leopard Surprises Skiers

Good thing the skiers were in a group, if it was a lone skier the outcome may have been different.



Celebrity News: A Possessed Child, Divorce Called Off And She Knew…

Des’ mom is working overtime! She’s got the scoop, give it a listen:


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