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Born and raised in Cleveland – Desiray attended Tri-C Western Campus with the intention of becoming an English teacher, but soon after she landed a job with the City of Cleveland taking her in another direction. After getting married and having two daughters Des became a “stay at home mom” but divorce threw her back into the workforce.

Raising two daughters on a waitress salary wasn’t cutting it. Des entered a contest to join a local radio morning show and won the job. Twenty-One years later Des continues her path as a successful radio personality while sharing her passion for good food and fun.

Des is married to Alan and together they argue over which one is going to teach their son Thomas to drive. Yep – it’s that time. The house is full of pets too – 3 dogs and a cat.

In her spare time Des loves to whip up some crazy food creations, visits the Cleveland Museum of Art, Natural History Museum, Gordon Square, Little Italy…you name it, if it’s cool and in Cleveland, Des is probably there.

(credit: JOERG KOCH/AFP/Getty Images)

FREE Admission to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo On Thanksgiving

Not everyone has a joyous Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends. If you’re someone who just wants to relax for the day, the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo has the day planned just for you

7 hours ago

Photo by Des/CBS Radio

Forget The Turducken – Piecaken Is Taking Over !!

Pies, cakes, cookies, all the dessert choices you have on Thanksgiving just got easier: Have Them All! Piecaken has taken over, it’s a pie inside a cake. My dreams have been answered.

8 hours ago

Yes, Tiger is a bit advanced, she prefers to drink with a straw. Photo by Des/CBS Radio

Just To Make You Smile, Here’s 22 Cats That Are Ready For Thanksgiving :)

One thing that my cat has never done is jump up on the counters. I love my pets but I don’t want them sniffing our dinner and I really don’t want to find their hair in our food.


(Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)

3rd Annual “Feed The Need” At TownHall In Ohio City

TownHall is doing it again :) They’re helping to feed the less fortunate. Tomorrow, thousands of free Turkey dinners will be served to those in need. If you know someone or a family that is in need, please let them know they can enjoy a delicious hot meal at TownHall tomorrow from 10a-6p. TownHall is at 1909 W 25th St, Cleveland, OH 44113.


(photo by Des/CBS Cleveland)

The FDA Just Approved The First GMO Animal Food

I have no interest in consuming foods that are genetically modified, it seems we may have no choice in the matter.


(Monty Fresco/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

Couple Uses “Whisper Challenge” To Surprise Parents – The Dad Is Hysterical

One thing I am so tired of seeing is the choreographed wedding dances. Enough already. They are so overdone. Now when it comes to couples announcing they’re pregnant, those can be really clever and cute.


(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

The Ten Safest Cities In America…Cleveland Doesn’t Even Make The Top 25

We all want to feel safe and comfortable in our surroundings. Ohio seems like a good place to live – changes in the seasons, the sports teams…just kidding :) Have you considered moving but want to make sure your family is in a good, safe area?


Photo by Des/CBS Radio

Walmart Sells Nearly One Million Dollars of Patti LaBelle’s Sweet Potato Pie In 72 Hours

We all have that one recipe that’s been handed down from grandma that we believe is worthy of awards, or perhaps selling to the masses. My recipe would be my Grandma’s Mississippi Mud Cake. So fattening, so delicious


We had a terrible case of the giggles. I was trying to take a nice pic! Photo by Des/CBS Radio

Des’ Date Night :) Pinot’s Palette

My husband and I decided Friday night is date night and every other week I pick what we do. I didn’t tell Alan what I chose, I wanted him to be surprised. I took him to “Pin


Photo by Des

Don’t Throw Out Your Halloween Pumpkins – Make Dog Treats

My son Thomas never carved his pumpkin and before it got too old I wanted to make use of it. The dogs were glad I did.


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