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Born and raised in Cleveland – Desiray attended Tri-C Western Campus with the intention of becoming an English teacher, but soon after she landed a job with the City of Cleveland taking her in another direction. After getting married and having two daughters Des became a “stay at home mom” but divorce threw her back into the workforce.

Raising two daughters on a waitress salary wasn’t cutting it. Des entered a contest to join a local radio morning show and won the job. Twenty-One years later Des continues her path as a successful radio personality while sharing her passion for good food and fun.

Des is married to Alan and together they argue over which one is going to teach their son Thomas to drive. Yep – it’s that time. The house is full of pets too – 3 dogs and a cat.

In her spare time Des loves to whip up some crazy food creations, visits the Cleveland Museum of Art, Natural History Museum, Gordon Square, Little Italy…you name it, if it’s cool and in Cleveland, Des is probably there.

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Onions. They’re Nothing To Cry Over

When my son was little I was cooking and asked him to bring me an onion. He said “As long as you promise not to cry” :( Onions do that to me. Onions

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Which State Has The Most Lost Chickens?

Are you looking to move and you want to make certain you end up in an area with people that have a lot of the same common

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Haven’t You Embarrassed Your Pet Enough?

We love taking pictures of our pets and share the photos with our facebook, twitter and instagram friends. But are we


2nd Annual Diller-Von Furstenberg Awards

Bruce Jenner’s Story, Are You Going To Watch?

Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer will air tomorrow night on ABC. As we speculate about what’s going to be revealed, do you feel it’s a private matter


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Too Many Animals Are In Need Of Good Homes. Here’s A Machine That Feeds The Homeless Pets!

Breaks my heart to see animals that are struggling, homeless, abused, or in need of care and a good home. I don’t know who came up with this idea, but it’s brilliant!


A general view of Loch Ness (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Finding The Lock Ness Monster Just Got Easier

Have you ever checked out Google Street View? It’s pretty cool, and a little bit voyeuristic.


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The Bond Between A Mom And Her Kid

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, this ad is going to make you smile and maybe tear up a bit. It’s an ad for Pandora Jewelry, they had 6 moms stand in a line and one by one their kids are blindfolded and then asked to identify which woman is their Mom.


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Taking A Road Trip This Summer? Don’t Forget The Snacks

Summer is nearly here and for those who like to take road trips with the family, you know it’s important to keep the kids happy while traveling. Load up


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Have Fun In Cleveland With Belt Magazine

Here’s a fun way to learn a little more about Cleveland, meet some cool people and enjoy live music.


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Des’ Weekend: Sleep, Eat, Gamble, Rock, Shop, Vet, Paint, Fire, Fence. Whew.

I took off last Friday to celebrate my husband’s birthday :) We spent Thursday night at a hotel in downtown Cleveland. Friday