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Born and raised in Cleveland – Desiray attended Tri-C Western Campus with the intention of becoming an English teacher, but soon after she landed a job with the City of Cleveland taking her in another direction. After getting married and having two daughters Des became a “stay at home mom” but divorce threw her back into the workforce.

Raising two daughters on a waitress salary wasn’t cutting it. Des entered a contest to join a local radio morning show and won the job. Twenty-One years later Des continues her path as a successful radio personality while sharing her passion for good food and fun.

Des is married to Alan and together they argue over which one is going to teach their son Thomas to drive. Yep – it’s that time. The house is full of pets too – 3 dogs and a cat.

In her spare time Des loves to whip up some crazy food creations, visits the Cleveland Museum of Art, Natural History Museum, Gordon Square, Little Italy…you name it, if it’s cool and in Cleveland, Des is probably there.

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Des Has Finally Joined The Channing Tatum Fan Club. Here’s Why…

Channing Tatum appeared on the very first episode of a new talk show called Speechless With Carly Fleischmann. The show is hosted by

8 hours ago

Photo by Des/CBS Radio

Legally Parked Car In The Way Of Luxury Building Construction Gets Moved…By A FORKLIFT

The man was parked LEGALLY I can’t believe that anyone would have thought that this would be okay

9 hours ago

Photo by Des/CBS Radio

Have You Seen This Lost Dog? Possibly In The Seven Hills Area

Eddy has been missing since April 29th, the family have searched endlessly for this little guy and they are so worried about him. Please keep an eye out for Eddy and let’s hope that he […]

9 hours ago

Grocery Shopping

Costco And Trader Joe’s Recall Items After Several People Become Sickened

CRF Foods have expanded their voluntary recall of frozen fruits and vegetables – most which are sold at top stores like Costco, Safeway and Trader Joe’s. This comes after seven people have been severely sickened with Listeria infections.

10 hours ago

(Photo credit should read ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

Woman Yells At Man For Using Food Stamps [NSFW]

This bothers me on so many levels. First, mind your business. Second, there are children present. The man has a child in his cart. Third, the language – so unnecessary. If someone is using food […]


(Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images)

According To Science Jennifer Aniston Is NOT The Most Beautiful Woman, Florence Colgate Is!

What makes you beautiful? Society or Science? Neither? Well, according to science, they say Florence Colgate is the most beautiful woman in the world.


Photo by Des/CBS Radio

Want A Tattoo? Check Out This App It May Help With Your Decision

I don’t have a tattoo, my husband has one on his arm that he got when he was 14! Yeah, not really a well thought out plan. There’s an app that can help you decide on whether


Cleveland Celebrates LeBron James Coming Home

You’re Being Spied On!

Do you like the digital billboards along the highway? Informative? Sure, but it’s YOUR information they may be getting.


(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Starbucks Being Sued Over Iced Drinks

If you’ve enjoyed a Starbucks iced beverage at some point in the last ten years, Stacy Pincus wants you to know she’s got your back. Ms. Pincus has filed a lawsuit against Starbucks claiming there is too much ice in their iced drinks.


This is the drywall/movie screen. Photo by Des/CBS Radio

It Was A Steven Seagal Weekend At Des’ House, Which Begs The Question…Why??

It was Saturday night and we were looking through Netflix trying to find a movie we could both agree on. We chose “A Good Man” starring Steven Seagal, my husband did commentary throughout the movie –


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