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Born and raised in Cleveland – Desiray attended Tri-C Western Campus with the intention of becoming an English teacher, but soon after she landed a job with the City of Cleveland taking her in another direction. After getting married and having two daughters Des became a “stay at home mom” but divorce threw her back into the workforce.

Raising two daughters on a waitress salary wasn’t cutting it. Des entered a contest to join a local radio morning show and won the job. Twenty-One years later Des continues her path as a successful radio personality while sharing her passion for good food and fun.

Des is married to Alan and together they argue over which one is going to teach their son Thomas to drive. Yep – it’s that time. The house is full of pets too – 3 dogs and a cat.

In her spare time Des loves to whip up some crazy food creations, visits the Cleveland Museum of Art, Natural History Museum, Gordon Square, Little Italy…you name it, if it’s cool and in Cleveland, Des is probably there.

Photo by Des/CBS Radio

Des’ Friday Find: Swiss Diamond Fry Pan

As you know, I love to cook. Unfortunately my kids don’t quite understand the rule of not using metal spatulas, forks, etc. in my non-stick pans

2 hours ago

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No More Wasting Food In France – We Should Do This Too

When you go to the grocery store to purchase produce I’m sure you’re like me, if I’m paying for produce I want to ensure that I get the best apples, lettuce, etc. I bypass the bruised, battered or blemished and search


(photo by Des/CBS Cleveland)

Potatoes Are Not The Enemy

Well this is certainly good news :) Melanie Jatsek’s latest blog makes me smile


(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Man “Bullied” For Dancing Gets A Celebrity-Filled Party In His Honor

No one should be teased when they’re just trying to have a good time. The man who has come to be known as “The Dancing Man” was just trying to enjoy a little dancing



Des’ Friday Find: SteakChamp!

This is great for any cook! My brother Mike is always asking for cooking advice, I’ve taught him how to make soup, gnocchi, pasta, roasts, so many many dishes. The one thing that is difficult to teach someone is how to tell


(Photo credit: JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images)

You’re Going To Cry When You Watch This Video, Please Pass It On

This video is not what you think. I was watching I thought I understood what was going on, until the end, then WOW, broke my heart


Photo by Des/CBS Radio

Delicious Food That Can Help You Get Healthier

I have a friend that was on medication for high blood pressure and high cholesterol, she was a little overweight and worked to lose those extra pounds – not by some fad diet, but by following advice from Dietitian/Nutritionist Melanie Jatsek


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Bossy Barista Gets The Boot!

I owned a coffee shop in North Royalton for a few years and had several high school kids working for me. They were always so nice to the customers, they were great kids. You won’t


Photo by Des/CBS Radio

The Most Fun You Can Have Doing A 5k

No, I won’t be running in the Urbanobstacle, but I will be at Harry Buffalo after the race :)