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Why Did It Take Taylor Swift to Get Apple Music to Change Its Tune?

The most popular kid in school speaks up and suddenly the teacher listens.


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Genius OTD: Guy Dresses As His Girlfriend So He Can Take Her Exams

How much do you love your spouse?


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Genius OTD: Lady Recycles $200,000 Apple Computer

Be careful what you throw out…..


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YES! Meet Apple’s New Diverse Emoji Characters!

The next iPhone update will finally introduce emojis with different skin tones! We have leaked pictures of all the updates under the cut!

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Did Apple Kill the iPod Classic Too Soon?

And did they help to create an iPod black market by doing so?


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U2 is Working on Another Surprise Project With Apple

U2 giving away their album for free via iTunes isn’t the only surprise project the band has in store for fans. It’s not even the only surprise project they have in the works with Apple.


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YIKES! The First Person To Buy An iPhone 6 Immediately Drops It During A TV Interview

After waiting FOREVER in line, this guy finally gets his new iPhone only to DROP IT ON THE GROUND ON TV.

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Why You Should Buy An iPhone 6 – In English!

So it’s out, finally! The iPhone 6! You can’t buy it today but soon.

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Apple Unveils iPhone 6

PHOTOS: Apple Unveils iPhone 6 And Apple Watch

See photos of the latest releases from Apple – the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch.


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3 Things You Need To Know About Apple’s Big Announcement Today

Apple is hosting an event today at 1 p.m and EVERYONE is anxiously waiting for the details on THESE three major announcements

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