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Would You Be Mad If Your Coworker Did THIS?

Imagine walking into work and seeing a huge cake – you’re thrilled. You LOVE cake. You think that there’s plenty left, you’ll come out and get a piece soon. You get settled, start work then […]

Star 102–04/15/2015

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No Make Up For Jennifer Aniston In ‘Cake’

Could you go to work everyday for a year without make up? Most women who have a love affair with their cosmetic bag could never, let alone an actor – but that just what Jennifer […]

Star 102–11/10/2014

Photo By J Widmer CBS Cleveland

VIDEO: Jeremiah’s Gender Reveal Party!

Saturday we welcomed our friends and family over to find out the gender of Baby Widmer Number 2.

Star 102–11/03/2014

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Crocktober: Chocolate Lava Cake

Today is my Mom’s birthday :) So, let’s make a BIRTHDAY CAKE!! Yes – in the Crock Pot!


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WATCH: Gender Reveal Party Takes A Twist

Well that’s awkward…

Star 102–10/24/2014

Photo by J Widmer CBS Cleveland

Should Our Baby’s Gender Be A Surprise?

As you know we announced our new human last month.

Star 102–10/01/2014

Zeus blew out the candle and gets the first bite. Look Kira lurking in the background :) Photo by Des/CBS Radio

Des’ Weekend: Celebrating Someone Special :)

I can’t be the only one who has a Birthday party for her dog :) Zeus turned one yesterday and we had fun celebrating his special day.


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Naked Wedding Cakes Are The Newest Trend YOU Need To Know About

Wedding cakes are going topless!

Star 102–06/19/2014

Photo By Jeremiah Widmer CBS Cleveland

You’re Cutting Cake Wrong – Learn The Right Way!

We’ve been doing it wrong FOR YEARS!!!!

Star 102–06/16/2014