Blueberry/Donut/Cheesecake/Crumble. Photo by Des/CBS Radio

Inspired By Wine, I May Have Created The Best Dessert Ever!

Drinking and baking, cooking, grilling or anything that involves fire do not go together. Although after a couple of glasses of wine


Photo by Des/CBS radio

Strawberries And Cream

I bought the best strawberries over the weekend, perfectly sweet. My boys love strawberries with cream and if you’ve never made your own cream for the berries or desserts, give this one a try – super easy, delicious and I’m sure it will be your new favorite.


Photo By J Widmer CBS Cleveland

VIDEO: Jeremiah’s Gender Reveal Party!

Saturday we welcomed our friends and family over to find out the gender of Baby Widmer Number 2.

Star 102–11/03/2014

Photo OMAR TORRES/AFP/Getty Images

Crocktober: Chocolate Lava Cake

Today is my Mom’s birthday :) So, let’s make a BIRTHDAY CAKE!! Yes – in the Crock Pot!


(Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

WATCH: Gender Reveal Party Takes A Twist

Well that’s awkward…

Star 102–10/24/2014

Photo by J Widmer CBS Cleveland

Should Our Baby’s Gender Be A Surprise?

As you know we announced our new human last month.

Star 102–10/01/2014

Zeus blew out the candle and gets the first bite. Look Kira lurking in the background :) Photo by Des/CBS Radio

Des’ Weekend: Celebrating Someone Special :)

I can’t be the only one who has a Birthday party for her dog :) Zeus turned one yesterday and we had fun celebrating his special day.


(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Naked Wedding Cakes Are The Newest Trend YOU Need To Know About

Wedding cakes are going topless!

Star 102–06/19/2014

Photo By Jeremiah Widmer CBS Cleveland

You’re Cutting Cake Wrong – Learn The Right Way!

We’ve been doing it wrong FOR YEARS!!!!

Star 102–06/16/2014