Fabulous Wine Festival You May Want To Attend...If you're looking for a special evening to enjoy with your loved one, friends, or coworkers, this may be just what you need - "Uncorked Medina Wine Festival"
Brave Diver Helps SharkThe diver didn't understand why the Lemon Shark continued to bump him, then he realized the shark needed his help...
Did You Hear? Cracker Barrel Fired Brad's Wife!It's hard to lose a job, especially when you've been working at the same job for 11 years and you don't know why you were terminated. This story is about a woman who worked for Cracker Barrel for 11 years, she was terminated.
Watch This And You Will Never Eat Bacon Again!I can't watch videos like this because
Horsing Around At WalMartA man and his friend decided to ride their horses through a WalMart store. They did it because "they wanted to make people smile"
Your Spring Cleaning Can Help Children And Adults With DisabilitiesI'm looking forward to Spring (when it actually arrives!) so I can open my windows and let the fresh air in and let all the winter air out of the house. In the meantime, I have
A Couple Of Recipes For Your Corned BeefI asked on Facebook whether people were going out for corned beef or making it themselves, and I received a few recipes.
Des Gets An "Irish" Manicure, Her Daughter Gets A "Stiletto" Manicure...I took my daughter Lillian for a manicure and decided I would go green for St. Patrick's day. Lillian opted for something a bit different...
Oreo Tacos! You're Welcome ;)Oreo tacos, does it sound like something you'd like to try? If so, you may want to check this out:
Woman Has A Huge Heart. Airline...Not So Much.There is a story going around about a very generous woman who paid more than $700 to buy an airline ticket for a stranger's daughter. The story says the man was traveling with his 2-year-old daughter
Cruftus. It's A Dog Show, And Boy Did This Little Guy Put On A Show!So much training...thrown out the window as this little guy decides he wants to do his own routine at the Cruftus 2017 show.
Are Your Girl Scout Cookies Confusing You?If your coworkers have daughters in the Girl Scouts they may have asked you to purchase some cookies. Depending on who you buy them from, you may not be getting what you expected.

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