Good Company

Photo by Mike Sestili/Market

Friday Foodies: Market

I like a nice Mojito but I never order one when I go out, it’s just so routine to order a glass of wine with dinner, I’m going to change that routine.


What Our Men Think Of Our Bathing Suits

Here’s what I learned at Good Company about what’s in this year. But do the guys like what we like? Wondering what the guys would like you to wear to the pool? Find out what […]


Is it too soon? Photo by Des/CBS Radio

First Date? Don’t Say This…

We all know not to say “I love you” on the first date. Right? Learn from relationship expert Kathy Dawson the anatomy of “I Love You” on Good Company WKYC TV-3.


Joe Cronauer, Desiray, Michael Cardamone on WKYC-TV Channel 3's Good Company. Photo: Desiray/CBS Radio

Learn How To Play Those Casino Games

Love hanging out at Good Company. I learn so much this shows us a bit about Roulette, and while your on the site, check out our “how to” on 3-Card Poker.


Good Time On Good Company




Andrea Vecchio In The Avengers

Andrea Vecchio, host of WKYC’s Good Company, has just recieved word that she will be in The Avengers!


Video: Desiray Talks Christmas 102.1 On Good Company

Our very own Desiray has been known to drop by WKYC’s morning talk show, Good Company – and this week she did so wearing a pretty festive Christmas 102.1 stocking hat. Check her out!


This Guy Can Read Minds

Yesterday Stefanie filled in with co host duties on Good Company, and she got her mind read. Since she was in today, she told us all about the experience.