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If You Hit The Lottery, Would You Keep Your Job? Almost 1/4 Of People Surveyed Say They Would Because Of THIS

Jen Toohey knows that THIS is true for everyone on the morning show.

Star 102–07/18/2014


VIDEO: Watch Jen And Tim Play The New 102 Birthday Game

You’ve heard plenty of Cleveland listeners try to win $10,000 playing the New 102 Birthday Game over the air, but have you ever wondered how it happens in the New 102 studios?



Tim In Training – Be A Part Of Something Special With VeloSano

Four days away from VeloSano! I have been training for weeks for my 48 mile ride, and the time is almost here.

Star 102–07/15/2014

(Photo credit MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

WHAT?! Fried Chicken Oreos??

So if you’re a fan of chicken and waffles like we are, then fried chicken Oreos should be good right?

Star 102–07/15/2014

(Photo by Brian Kersey/Getty Images)

Things You Need To Know – Brunswick Tornado Sirens Update, Browns Have A New Live Mascot And MORE

Here is what you need to know for Tuesday, July, 15th!

Star 102–07/15/2014

Photo By Des/CBS Radio

OMG! Cedar Point WILL Be Renaming A Coaster After LeBron James

Yes, it is HAPPENING! We spoke with Cedar Point’s Public Relations Manager, Bryan Edwards, to find out the inside scoop on what Cedar Point will REALLY do for LeBron James.

Star 102–07/14/2014


If You Have This At Work, Chances Are It Makes You Uncomfortable

It has nothing to do with a bathroom or a camera but instead, YOUR BOSS.

Star 102–07/14/2014

(Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images)

Things You Need To Know – LeBron Is Coming Home, Cheaper Gas Prices, Germany Wins The World Cup And MORE

Here is what you need to know for today, Monday, July 14th.

Star 102–07/14/2014

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OMG! Kristen Stewart Chops Off Her Hair And Dyes It ORANGE

Well…this is one way to make an entrance. Seriously though, what HAPPENED to her hair?!

Star 102–07/11/2014

Photo by Cleveland's Innerbelt Bridge

Tomorrow The Old Innerbelt Bridge Will Be DEMOLISHED And You Can Watch It Happen Live!

ODOT Innerbelt project manager Jocelyn Clemings talked with Jen and Tim about the bridge implosion and how you can check it out.

Star 102–07/11/2014