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GALLERY: Tim Emcees A Very Special Event - Starfish 5K And 1 Mile Fun RunTim on the Town: Tim emceed a very special event over the weekend. The 2nd annual Strides for Starfish 5K and 1 mile Fun Run. Check out the pics!
THIS Is What The "Ideal" Female Body Looks Like In 18 CountriesSo THIS is what the perfect body looks like? Wow, you'll never believe what some of these countries consider "perfect".
QUIZ: What Does Your Favorite Chipotle Order Say About You?Mmmmm Chipotle...Is it lunchtime yet?
Time To Test Your Pop Culture Skills HERE With These Trump Toohey QuestionsCan YOU Trump Toohey?
INTERVIEW: Mo Rocca Talks Akron, My Grandmother's Ravioli, The LeBron James Grandmothers Fan Club & MORE!There is NOTHING better than your Grandmother's recipes and that's why Mo Rocca is here in Akron.
How Many Of These Trump Toohey Questions Can You Answer Correctly?Test your pop culture knowledge here!
OMG! The CW Is Making The Notebook Into A TV ShowIt's time to stock up on the tissues because The Notebook is coming back.
Can You Answer THESE Trump Toohey Questions?Test your pop culture skills HERE!
"No One Cares About Them Anymore!" Watch As This News Anchor Storms Off Set After Refusing To Do A Story On The Kardashian FamilyHe actually WALKED OFF camera and continued to rant. Watch the hilarious video here!
OMG! THIS Is What Happens When Dads Are In Charge Of The KidsYES! Nate is not alone! Meet the other Dads that have too much fun when Mom isn't around!
Test Your Pop Culture Skills HERE With Today's Trump TooheyToday was a close one but did Jen get trumped? Find out HERE!
Facebook Says LOL Is Dead And That The Cool Kids Are Using THIS InsteadAccording to Facebook, nobody uses LOL anymore. THIS is what they use instead.
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