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Jen Toohey Chalk Painted Furniture This Weekend And Tim HATES It

Which one do YOU like better? Tim is convinced that everyone believes the original furniture is BETTER looking than what Jen painted.

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People Were Asked “What’s The Most Annoying Sound Ever?” 17% Of People Said THIS

No, it’s not a baby crying (even though that’s probably number one) but instead, something we all do when we’re sick.

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Almost 20% Of People Have Missed Out On A Promotion Because Of THIS

Hopefully you’re not doing this right NOW.

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WOW! ESPN Suspends Reporter Britt McHenry After THIS Video Surfaced Of Her Belittling A Tow Truck Company Employee

The whole thing started because Britt’s car got towed on April 6th in Arlington, Virginia and she was so ticked off about it, she insulted Gina’s job, her weight, her teeth, and her education.

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About 25% Of People Lied About THIS On Their Tax Return

Question: About 25% of people lied about this on their tax return… what is it?

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The New Summer Drink Is Here! The S’mores Frappuccino Is Coming To Starbucks!

Talk about a perfect summer campfire! It’s filled with marshmallow whipped cream, graham cracker syrup, milk chocolate flavored sauce and delicious yummy graham crackers on top.

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Big Brother Casting Director Shares The Secrets On How To Get On The Show, Weirdest Thing Someone Has Done And What NOT To Say!

Here are the do’s and dont’s to make sure YOU get the call back for Big Brother 17!

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Dennis Quaid

OMG! Dennis Quaid Has A Meltdown On Set And It’s ALL Caught On Tape! Watch HERE

Watch as Dennis Quaid LOSES his mind on set. Yikes.

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Fans React To The NEW Cleveland Browns Uniforms

The Browns revealed NINE new uniform combinations and the reviews from fans are mixed. What do you think of the new uniforms?

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The Stars Are Coming To Cleveland! Find Out Which Celebrities Will Be At The Rock Hall Induction Ceremony HERE!

In just a couple days, THESE famous celebrities will be at the Rock Hall for the induction ceremony!

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