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The 7 Companies That Missed The Facebook Boat

We’ve all had those “what if” moments. Why didn’t I think of that! Darn! With the recent news that Mark Zuckerberg’s college project will be selling on the stock market for a whopping thirty-eight bucks […]


Coffee Study Claims Longer Life

Drink Coffee. Live Longer. True Story.

If you’re like most, you can’t really even think about functioning until you’ve had your first cup of coffee in the morning. Well from now on, be sure to have a second one. Or better […]


Spring Break 2001 on South Padre Island, Texas

Women Like Sex More In The Spring. After Drinking.

Now we know why the girls have gone wild. A new study reaffirms the no brainer that women like sex more after a drink or two. Or three. Or four. And yet another study confirms […]


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What’s In A Name Anyway? Top Picks Of 2011 Are In.

Used to be you just named em after the mountain or valley where you gave birth. Or the trade or craft the clan mastered. Maybe you saw a bird fly by or a star fall […]


The ideal weight of a 5'4" female should fall somewhere between 124-138 lbs, according to the CDC. (Photo credit: STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Straight To Your Hips. Well, Your Waist To Be Exact.

We all know the rule. Calories in < Calories out. Yeah, yeah, yeah. How many calories did you consume today? No clue? Join the club. Oh wait, they have those too! You can actually pay […]


Easy. Tasty. Recipe. (Photo/EG)

The Only Banana Bread Recipe You Will Ever Need. Easy.

With Mother’s Day just a couple days out, I thought I’d help ya out with a quick recipe so easy to make you don’t need to worry about a mess in the kitchen or a […]


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Speed Dating For Skinny People.

So you want to meet that special someone. Who will love you for you. That kind of person that is attracted to your wit, your charm, your everyday good mood. The one guy who doesn’t […]


Mac Attack w/ Fries. (PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)

$3500 To Eat Fast Food For 3 Months Straight.

Everyday. No matter what. It’s a new obesity study aimed at measuring diabetes and cardiovascular risk factors. You get three and half grand and a weight loss program after. You’d have to eat only fast […]



Would You Give Up Chocolate Forever To Work From Home?

According to Prevention Magazine almost a third of people surveyed said they would give up chocolate forever if it meant they could work from home. Clearly this survey must have been mostly men. I mean, […]



Did Adele Really Get Engaged On Her Birthday?

Rumors are flying all over the internet after Adele was spotted sporting a hefty diamond some hadn’t seen before. Adele puts the rumors to rest.