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Banning The Bake Sale. As American As Apple Pie.

California did it. Colorado considered it. And now, Massachusetts has decided to do it too. The ban on the bake sale has become the new trend in school districts all over the U.S. The reason? […]


NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 26: Actress Demi Moore attends the screening of "Five" at Skylight SOHO on September 26, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Demi Moore Picks New Twitter Handle.

There’s no @mrskutcher in the Twitterverse anymore. Demi Moore wanted a new Twitter handle “that was fun somewhat playful.”, so she sought help from her close to five million followers. She made the switch today.


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“The Scream” Sets Record At Auction.

You know that famous painting that communicates so beautifully how we feel sometimes? Like when the dog tracks in dirt, when the teenager sasses back, when the hubby hits the bumper of the car we […]


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Nutella Loses Lawsuit. Is Not Health Food.

Duh. Who would ever believe that Nutella was a health food? Apparently, someone. And now the company has to shell out millions. This is crazy. I’m sorry, but have you ever tasted Nutella? It is […]


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Scientist Finds THE Spot.

You’ll want to print this out and hang it on your fridge. Okay, well, maybe not the fridge – but put it somewhere your man can find it. (Now, if the kitchen is your thing, […]


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Study: Thinking About Trying On A Swimsuit Is Depressing

A new study shows that the mere thought of trying on a swimsuit can obliterate a woman’s good mood. More than even the thought of wearing one, the idea of just trying one on plummets […]


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Baby Keepsakes Are Changing. What Did You Keep?

What’s Hilary Duff keeping it as a keepsake? The umbilical cord. True story. Used to be it was locks of hair and first nail clippings that made the top keepsakes list. That’s changing. A survey […]


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Woman Wants Her Donated Kidney Back. Sort Of.

Ok, now this is just getting a bit ridiculous. You may have heard by now about the employee who donated her kidney to her boss, only to turn around and get fired afterward. There is, […]


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Kraft Says Oreo Breastfeeding Ad Wasn’t Meant For Public

So, earlier this week Trapper and Toohey brought to your attention the now viral Oreo ad that for some silly reason stirred controversy. Since then, we’ve found out the ad wasn’t supposed to be seen. […]


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Money Can Buy Happiness, It Will Just Cost You 50 Grand

Used to be you had to be making about $75,000 a year to be content and happy with your circumstances. Overall mood improved at that figure. It didn’t matter if you made more, but it […]