31% Of Parents Do THIS For Their 6 Year Old, Do YOU?

WOW. We didn’t have one of these until we started DRIVING.

Star 102–04/08/2015

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Parents, If Your Son Or Daughter Is A New Driver, This May Be The Perfect Car

My son got his temporary license over the weekend and the thought of him driving scares the heck out of me. I have taken him to the school parking lot a few times,


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INSIDE SCOOP: Want To Be A Cool Parent? THESE Are The Words Your Kids Are Using Today

Guess you’re not a cool parent unless you KNOW these terms. Tim is by far the LEAST coolest parent because he barely got any of these correct.

Star 102–03/12/2015

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VIRAL VIDEO: This Dad Has His Son Believing A BUTTON In The Family Car Will Eject Him Into Outer Space

The best part? How CUTE this kid’s reaction is when his dad threatens to eject him into space. Watch the adorable video!

Star 102–02/19/2015

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You HAVE To See This! Crazy Father BREAKS A Pane Of Glass At Kid’s Hockey Game

“WAY to go, Dad! WAY TO GO!” You WON’T believe what happened to this Dad after the outburst!

Star 102–01/29/2015

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Help Jeremiah Decide A Formal Name For Carly!

We settled on Carly Elizabeth as a name back when we found out she was a girl in October. But…

Star 102–01/23/2015

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A Facebook Post From Des’ Daughter…

My daughter Lilly would kill me if she knew I posted this. She put this on facebook, as I read it I thought to myself “Oh, she gets it” so often we aren’t sure that our kids listen, maybe they don’t


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Boy Comes Out Of Coma-Like State After 12 Years! What The Mother Said To Her Son Is Heartbreaking

I read this story a few days ago and I can’t stop thinking about it. I told my son and his friend about it yesterday and they too became teary-eyed. In 1988, at just 12 years old


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Should Our Baby’s Gender Be A Surprise?

As you know we announced our new human last month.

Star 102–10/01/2014

Thomas enjoying his Birthday lunch. Photo by Des/ CBS Radio

What’s In Your Kid’s Lunch?

My son is 15 and in the tenth grade, I’ve been trying to get creative with his lunch to let him know I’m thinking of him during the day. I wrote