The Average Family Has 300 Fights Every Year Over THESE Stupid Things

Do you and your family fight about THIS?

Star 102–04/29/2015


Before Deciding On One, Women Need 6 Of These And Men Need 4. What Are They?

Jen Toohey does this A LOT (maybe not the self one but definitely when it comes to group pictures). Do you?

Star 102–04/28/2015


Women Said They Wished Their Man Didn’t Have THIS

What do you think it is?

Star 102–04/21/2015


People Were Asked “What’s The Most Annoying Sound Ever?” 17% Of People Said THIS

No, it’s not a baby crying (even though that’s probably number one) but instead, something we all do when we’re sick.

Star 102–04/20/2015


Almost 20% Of People Have Missed Out On A Promotion Because Of THIS

Hopefully you’re not doing this right NOW.

Star 102–04/17/2015


About 25% Of People Lied About THIS On Their Tax Return

Question: About 25% of people lied about this on their tax return… what is it?

Star 102–04/16/2015


The Average American Will Receive A Refund Of $2,700. 18% Of People Say They Would Spend It On THIS, What Is It?

47% of people said they’ll spend that money on a vacation but you’ll never believe what 18% would spend it on!

Star 102–04/13/2015


31% Of Parents Do THIS For Their 6 Year Old, Do YOU?

WOW. We didn’t have one of these until we started DRIVING.

Star 102–04/08/2015


81% Of Us Fake THIS At Least Three Times A Year

Hey! That’s illegal!

Star 102–04/06/2015


Julianne Moore, Jennifer Aniston And Reese Witherspoon All Snubbed THIS At The Sag Awards, So They Didn’t Do It At The Oscars

E! says THIS was removed “because of space constraints” but we all know the REAL reason.

Star 102–02/23/2015