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Get Your Hair Shiny And Soft For Spring With A Coconut Oil Mask

I cook with coconut oil, pop popcorn in it, and yes, use it on my hair. Coconut oil is said to be anti-fungal and there are claims


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102 Days Of Summer: 10 Ways To Spend A Rainy Day Inside (And Enjoy It!)

The kick-off to the 102 Days of Summer have been a little bit rainy – but as your Summer Headquarters we can’t let you let a summer day slip by bored and uncelebrated. Here are 10 ways to enjoy a rainy day inside – whether you’re hanging with your kids or spending time alone.


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Des’ Weekend: Bad Food. Bad Pedi. Great Friend.

I was so looking forward to spending the day with my friend, Claire. We decided to meet up for lunch and then go for pedicures. Ladies, as you know, this is a nice treat – not something we Moms get to do too often so just the thought of hanging out with my friend was something I was looking forward to.


Feel Good Guide: Best Day Spas & Massages In Cleveland

Those looking for a great gift for your mom to be pampered and made just a little more beautiful for Mother’s Day won’t have to look far with these Cleveland-area spas.