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Beauty Blunders: Which Ones Have You Made?

Since the 90s there have been some rather interesting trends that women have adopted…. the good news is most of them have been dropped. So do you know what that means?


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Christina Perri Talks Tattoos And “Twilight”

One of the things, beyond her musical talent, that Christina Perri is known for is her plethora of tattoos. Of her over 50 tattoos, the singer told Alice@97.3/San Francisco that she is a “big dork […]


Sephora Presents Kat Von D's First Solo Art Show at Sephora Mexico City, Mexico March 1, 2012

Toohey’s Tidbits

Kat Von D is famous for her tattoos, but what about other women? More on that in this edition of Toohey’s Tidbits.