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Sydney Celebrates Halloween

Decorate Your Home For Halloween Without Breaking The Bank

Halloween is one of those holidays that unite people of all ages and walks of life. After all, who would ever give up the opportunity to drop basic reality for an evening of costumes and […]


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Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 2013 Nominees Include Rush, Deep Purple, Public Enemy And More

The nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2013 have been announced and it will be the first time ever that fans will get the opportunity to have a say for who is inducted.



The Ashtabula County Animal Protective League Needs Your Help

Due to the overwhelming crowd of animals, officials will be forced to do a mass euthanasia next week at The Ashtabula County Animal Protective League.


Lady Gaga Launches Body Revolution 2013

Lady Gaga has been receiving harsh criticism in the media for her recent weight gain but the pop icon decided to take the criticism and use it to help others.


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The iPhone 5 Is Finally Here!

The wait is finally over. The most die hard fans of Apple’s iPhone 5 waited outside the Apple store for over 12 hours before the doors opened at 8:00 AM and were greeted by cheering Apple employees.


Top 20 Most Hated Pet Names For Couples

Pet names…you either love them or hate them but regardless, they will always be here to stay. Every couple has their own pet names and even though some can be really creative and cute to call one another, others can be the complete opposite. In fact, they’re the worst.


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49 Things You Learned In School That Are Now Useless

Do you remember what you learned while you were in school such as writing in cursive, making a shoe box diorama or even how to climb a rope? Well, it seems that all those things you learned in school are not being taught anymore. Feel old yet? So, what exactly are some of those things?


Long Island Residents Prepare For Direct Hit From Hurricane Irene

10 Sounds We Like And Hate The Most

Do you have a favorite sound? What about your least favorite sound? Well, a British Themed park asked that same question and according to the survey, they complied the top ten sounds we like the most and the top ten sounds we hate.



Tim Storms Holds Guinness World Record For Singing The Lowest Note Produced By A Human Being

Tim Storms, is an American singer and composer who holds The Guinness World Record for having “the lowest note produced by a human being” and holds the record for the widest vocal range for a man.