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The Entire Internet Is ANGRY At This American Dentist For Killing Cecil The Lion

So sad. A Minnesota dentist is under fire for paying $55,000 to kill a lion. Dr. Walter J. Palmer shot “Cecil” with a bow and arrow while in Zimbabwe.

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ANOTHER ONE? Meet The Starbucks Cup That Is Becoming “The New Dress”


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Here Are The Questions From Today’s Controversial Trump Toohey Round

Do you have what it takes to TRUMP Toohey? This is what Dave was up against this morning.

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July 30th Is Miracle Treat Day At Dairy Queen!

Now THIS is how you make a difference! Details inside!

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Can YOU Trump Toohey With Today’s Questions?

How well do you know your pop culture? Think you have what it takes? Test your skills with these questions!

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GALLERY: OMG! Tim And His Family Spot A Shark While On Vacation In North Carolina

Well, it happened on vacation. WE SAW A SHARK! Check out the pics of the deadly shark, and the lovely family vacation pics courtesy of Pinterest Patty Sulik.

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Tim On The Vacation: Tim Sends His Final Postcard From North Carolina!

Tim is wrapping up his vacation in North Carolina and will be back Monday morning!

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BUSTED! These Girls Expose A Cheating Wife While Sitting Next To Her Husband

If you’re going to cheat, you probably DON’T want to do it in front of two girls who will take pictures of it and then put it on social media.

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POLL: This Target “Trophy” Shirt Is Making A LOT Of People Mad

And THIS is how you make a lot of people angry at Target. What are your thoughts?

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OMG! Watch As This Boyfriend Gives His Cheating Girlfriend The BEST Fake Birthday Surprise Ever

Would you go THIS far to get revenge on a cheating significant other?

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