MADRID, SPAIN - APRIL 16:  Actor Liam Neeson attends 'El Hormiguero' Tv Show at Vertice Studio on April 16, 2015 in Madrid, Spain.  (Photo by Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images)

Dad Vengence! He Uses Liam Neeson To Scare His Lazy Kids

Creative parenting is my absolute FAVE THING EVER!


TWINSBURG, OH - AUGUST 3:   Twins Gabriella and Isabella Belsito, 7-mos-old, prepare to take part in the Double Take Parade August 3, 2002 at the Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio.  (Photo by Mike Simons/Getty Images)

VIRAL PIC: This Mom Is Aware You’re Aware She Has Twins

Nothing annoying parents more that the questions you get 8 million times with babies.

Star 102–07/13/2015

(Photo by Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images)

WOW! Watch As 16-Year-Old LeBron James Foreshadows His Championship Future In THIS Interview

Plus, would LeBron James EVER play football? Listen to the interview HERE!

Star 102–06/11/2015

(Photo by David Roark/Disney Parks via Getty Images)

Disney’s Gaston Wins A Pushup Contest

The magic is still alive at Disney World

Star 102–01/05/2015

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Cards Of Humanity Gave People What They Asked For This Christmas

It all started on Black Friday…

Star 102–12/16/2014

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WATCH: Brad Pitt Shows He Can Do No Wrong On The Tonight Show

Watch out B-boys!

Star 102–10/16/2014

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Kid Knows Final Dirty Dancing Scene By Heart

Yesterday I showed you the video to find out if you have a diva kid…

Star 102–10/14/2014

photo by Jeremiah Widmer CBS Cleveland

This Proposal Should’ve Had It’s Own Dive Team

FYI metals sink…

Star 102–09/22/2014

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This Baby Is Not Happy With Dad’s Beard Change

Not at all…

Star 102–09/17/2014